5 Ways to Overcome Pornography Addiction

Free from bondage

Wondering if you are addicted to porn, or if it is just something you do to pass time? Struggling with pornography, masturbation and have been trying to overcome to no avail? Then keep reading…

I was also a victim of pornography years ago, and I didn’t know the extent of damage being done to my mind, until years after I stopped watching.

Pornography is like cold water drank, when you are very thirsty. It satisfies you immediately, but you feel thirsty the next moment. Ever experienced that?

Porn is a mind wrecking instrument that thwarts the mind, and warps the brain.

It presents to its victim an unrealistic perspective to sex, leading the person to having a perverted idea about what sex and love are about.

Now, Porn addiction is not limited to any gender, age group, nationality, colour, etc. Both males and females are victims; we have teenagers who are victims, likewise married people, etc.

However, for teenagers, the consequence is far reaching, and this is as a result of how the brain works in adolescence.

In an adolescence, a teenager’s brain is easily motivated by perceived rewards, and when stimulated, the brain wants more and more of whatever gives that perceived reward. And this gives birth to addiction.

For most people, they didn’t go out seeking to watch pornography.  They stumble on it, either by checking out what a friend was doing, clicking an ad, etc. Actually, I also stumbled on it before I started watching. So, I understand perfectly.

However, once the brain has that experience, it stores it and releases dopamine. When this happens, the person begins to crave for that experience more, because of the sensation felt when they had the first experience.

This leads to the brain being enslaved, and thus, pornography becomes a second nature. A necessity for survival, as important as food and water to keep living. What a mess!

Effects of Pornography on Teenagers

  • Promiscuity
  • Unrealistic sexual beliefs and expectations
  • Inability to have pure and neutral relationships
  • Depression
  • Sexually aggressive behaviour
  • Sexually permissive behaviour

5 Ways to Overcome Addiction to Pornography

1. Decide to break free from it:

The first step is to determine in your heart, that you want to stop watching pornography.

Without this willingness, all other strategies are not going to work. Be determined in your heart and that is your first step to victory.

2. Clean house:

Remove all pornographic materials around you; videos/pictures on your phone/computer, magazines, movies, etc.

You have to rid yourself of things that fuel the lust for it. Avoid unhealthy conversations and dirty talks that could arouse your interest, and just get away from anything that could lure you back.

3. Identify your triggers:

Another important thing to do, is to identify what triggers you and lures you into desiring pornography at any time. Is it when you are alone? When you are sad? When you feel hungry? When you are idle?

Identify these situations and try not to satisfy those moments with porn. When you are hungry, go and eat food, instead of watching porn. Don’t stay alone in a dark lonely place, etc.

Avoid your triggers at all cost!

4. Confide in a trusted adult to keep you accountable:

Pornography thrives in secrecy and is fueled by shame. Don’t fall for the assumption that you can get free on your own; you need accountability! Get it!

Also, shame is another limiting factor that may rear its ugly head to stop you, don’t fall for it. Confess it to someone you know would not judge, but rather offer godly counsel and keep you accountable.

5. Pray and read the Bible:

The journey to freedom is easy with the tips stated above, but is made much easier with prayer and studying God’s word.

God wants you to be free from porn addiction, more than you want to be free from it. Read that again. Yes!

Tell God about this, ask Him to help you on days when it feels like without clicking that porn ad, you may die.  Ask him to bring you into godly relationships that would strengthen your resolve to be free.

Also, make out time to diligently study the word of God. God’s word can liberate you radically, it would help renew your mind and give you new thoughts to think and new perspectives to see from.

Pray! Pray! Pray!

I would end with this verse of scripture:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Yeah, so that’s it. I hope you learnt a lot from this article and would start implementing the tips stated above.

Were you formerly addicted to pornography and now you are free? What steps did you take to get to where you are now?  Kindly share in the comments, you may be helping someone out there.

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